Below is a list of the Committees that allow MonkeDAO projects and proposals to be managed and executed.
Brief Description
Manage all aspects of MonkeDAO's treasury and distributions out of, including setting and executing a treasury management strategy
Internal DAO communications, moderation, and organizing internal events for DAO members
Temporary Committee to establish legal and token structure of MonkeDAO. Responsibility for managing token to be transferred to Finance Committee after structuring complete. This committee likely transitioned to be just a compliance committee for keeping up with various obligations related to our operations, including absorbing the ones from the MonkeDAO Capital Committee
Prepare and review marketing materials and external communications; manage DAO social media accounts; manage external event strategies
Partnerships and Sponsorships
Find and negotiate partnerships with other organizations, including brand, ecosystem, and crosschain partnerships
Board and Project Management
Manage board organization including providing project management assistance for larger projects overseen by other committees, setting board agenda and tracking deliverables, acquiring and managing tools and software used to organize board. Create repeatable and clear workflows.
Oversee development, launch and maintenance of any DeFi or other products produced by MonkeDAO
Metaverse and NFT
Propose and develop metaverse assets and relevant utilities for the DAO
Run elections. Create bylaws formalizing processes, including this committee system. Bring things on-chain where possible.
MonkeDAO Capital
Committee to establish legal and operational structure for MonkeDAO capital, maintain operation, determine process for procuring and vetting potential seed rounds
Propose, develop, and manage to completion all MonkeDAO related merchandise opportunities
Develop and maintain the MonkeDAO website and transform it into an active resource used by all DAO Members and the best point of public information